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ADT Acquires I-View Now

Dec 3, 2019 9:48:05 AM

ADT, a smart-home security supplier, has advanced its safety measures by acquiring I-View Now, a video verification platform. This choice was made to help reduce false alarms, as well as enhance emergency response capabilities.

I-View Now’s Process

Video verification is growing in the security industry, allowing for better communication between end users and law enforcement, as well as helping lower the number of false alarms. I-View Now uses Software as a Service, meaning there is no additional software or hardware required to purchase. This allows for unification across the different services of monitoring centers, consumer, and emergency responders. Through I-View Now’s Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) process, law enforcement can receive contextual information and view the event of an alarm on video, helping them to prioritize their resources.

Now, with ADT monitoring centers and I-View Now video verification, the two joined to provide “video, location, sound, sensor, user and activity data, combined with predictive analytics to provide a comprehensive dashboard of information,” SSN reported about the duo. If an alarm goes off at any point, the plethora of information provided will allow dispatchers to confirm whether an alarm is real or false, aiding in making a quick decision.

Responding to Emergencies

How do the two companies better focus on emergencies? If a customer is not on their property when an alarm goes off, a provided option is to grant ADT remote access to where the alarm is occurring. ADT is then able to assign a priority signal to the alarm, which dispatchers and EMS can use to form a response time. This helps protect lives and property.

Larry Folsom, I-View Now president, called ADT their ideal partner with moving forward in the security industry. “Teaming up with ADT will allow our proprietary technology to reach its full potential and provide better information to first responders. Together, we will help to save more lives.” Moving forward, Folsom will report to ADT’s Donald Young, and continue to lead I-View Now.

Young clarified how the partnership would operate. “I-View Now will function independently under the ADT umbrella, helping to provide both companies’ current and future customers with the best experience possible.”

There are many options out there to keep your home or business safe, from DIY to professional monitoring. Having a full-time company monitor for you can provide extra services, so you know with a surety that your property is secure and taken care of in case of an emergency. For more ways to improve your security system with video verification, visit AvantGuard.

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