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AG Heroes | Woman Receives a Spine-Chilling Call

Oct 20, 2015 5:42:22 PM

Las Vegas, NV–Early one afternoon in her Las Vegas home, Luann received a curious phone call from a number she didn't recognize. The man on the other end explained that she had won $17 million in a contest! When she heard this, she immediately protested and said that she had not entered any such contest and that it must surely be a mistake or a scam. 

Once Luann called the man out, he became angry and began to yell profanities and threatened to take her life. "I have your address and I know where you live!" exclaimed the man. Luann quickly hung up the phone and in her desperation for help pushed her medical button. 

AvantGuard operator Michael answered Luann's call for help. When Luann explained her predicament, Michael realized that he needed to get help over to Luann immediately. Michael quickly called dispatch to send assistance to Luann. 

Even though it might have been a horrible prank, Michael took the call seriously and made sure Luann was safe, staying on the phone with Luann until police arrived. 

Luckily no one but the police arrived at Luann's home. We'd like to thank the Las Vegas Police Department and the provider of Luann's medical device for giving peace of mind to Luann.

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