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AG Heroes | AG Operator Saves Stranded Woman

Nov 10, 2015 5:41:12 PM

Lititz, PA–Brigitte was driving down a long highway through the country when she began to feel ill and felt as though she was going to pass out. Brigitte pulled over and tried to call family members without receiving an answer. In her panic, she remembered the GPS medical alert application on her phone and quickly called for help. Kelbi, an Avantguard operator, answered Brigitte's alarm. 

Although apprehensive to the idea of calling paramedics, Brigitte agreed that she needed immediate help. Kelbi got the description of Brigitte's car and asked if she could see any landmarks. Brigitte replied that she had no idea where she was other than the name of the highway. Kelbi assured her that she would get her the help she needed. 

With the aid of her supervisor and GPS, Kelbi was able to determine Brigitte's location and relay landmarks, car description and other essential information to dispatch. EMS arrived at Brigitte's car and provided the attention she needed. 

Brigitte is so pleased to know that help is available, especially when she is alone in a strange, unfamiliar place. 

We'd like to thank the paramedics that came to Brigitte's aid and the provider of her medical alarm service.

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