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Feb 13, 2014 2:31:29 PM

SARASOTA, FL–Lois was lying on the kitchen floor. She was dizzy from dry heaving. When she had finally decided to press her button for help, she began convulsing. AvantGuard team member Kellie came over the line asking Lois if she needed help… no response. Lois couldn’t speak. After attempting a few times to reach Lois, AG team member Kellie said "help is on the way!” and disconnected. At once Kellie dispatched emergency services to the home.

Upon arrival EMS were able to easily enter the home with the information Kellie had given them. They quickly located Lois and began to assess her condition.

"I can’t imagine what could have happened to my mother had she not been able to call for help with your device” Susan, Lois’ daughter commented.

EMS transported her to the hospital. Once there, doctors were able to calm her symptoms.

Susan later told AG that the doctor’s finally figured out what was wrong with Lois and prescribed her the medication she needs to combat her illness.

We thank AG team member Kellie for her strict adherence to AvantGuard’s procedures. We extend our gratitude to the PERS dealer who installed this system, giving Susan and many others like her, the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are always watched over.

"Care-giving for your loved ones can take up your entire life if you don’t have something as special as your device” Susan told AG. "When she first got the device, she was skeptical. Now she never takes it off!” she continued.

We express gratitude for the AvantGuard team and their dedicated and constant endeavor to protect the lives and properties of their customers.

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