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AG Heroes | Green Grass, Golf Carts and Gators

Jul 22, 2016 9:11:14 AM

Leesburg, FL

 In Florida, the last thing you want to do is get yourself stranded in a pond or lake, since alligators inhabit many of the bodies of water in the area. 

Unfortunately for Darlene, this is exactly the predicament that she found herself in one weekday afternoon.

“My Golf cart is halfway in the water!” she exclaimed to Shae, the Central Station operator. “It’s up to the top of the wheels!”

Darlene was driving her golf cart in a park when she accidentally veered off the trail and slid into the edge of a pond.

Because she was unable to drive the golf cart out of the pond, she immediately used her emergency medical button to get help.

Shae, the operator who answered the call, asked Darlene where she was, but had a hard time understanding her in her panicked state. Calming Darlene down and reassuring her that help was on the way, Shae asked more detailed questions to gain a better understanding of the situation.

“I’m in the park, and my golf cart is in the water!” Darlene exclaimed. “The cart is sinking!”

Since Darlene wasn’t at home, Shae locate her in the park. Things got more complicated when Shae learned that Darlene was in a park surrounded by three different lakes.

Determined to figure out which lake Darlene was in, Shae continued to ask questions and keep Darlene’s mind off of her worries.

“I am scared there might be alligators nearby,” Darlene said. “The cart is going further into the water!”

Shae switched between calls with Darlene and dispatch seamlessly, getting information from Darlene and relaying that information to dispatch.

Because Shae was calm under pressure and was persistent in getting the best information possible, EMS arrived on scene within 10 minutes to get Darlene get out of the water.

We would like to thank the Leesburg Fire Department for their help in locating and removing Darlene from a dangerous situation.

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