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AG Heroes | Food Poisoning Causes 94 Year Old Man To Suffer

Jan 31, 2014 2:37:33 PM

WARREN, OH – Edward has been in and out of the bathroom all night. Sometimes vomiting, other times he had severe diarrhea. He couldn’t get comfortable. Nothing he would eat or drink would stay down. Edward was dehydrated, exhausted, and worsening by the hour.

At 5:40 am he finally decided to press his button. AvantGuard team member Kristen answered his call. Edward explained his symptoms and Kristen immediately sent help.

"She didn’t know that he have been sick for hours. I am sure glad she got help there quick.” Cheryl, Edward’s relative commented.

Upon arrival EMS assessed his condition and decided to take him to the hospital. Cheryl said, "They were concerned that he had not had fluids for hours and (had been vomiting) that his kidneys may be failing.”

At the hospital, doctor’s monitored him with electrolytes and other liquids while the food poisoning took its course.

"We were so thankful that she (Kristen) took the time to notify us of Edward's situation. We were there to comfort him while he was at the hospital." Cheryl later told AvantGuard.

AG later learned that he is back at home and doing well.

We thank AG team member Kristen F for her concern and care in Edward’s behalf. We extend our gratitude to the PERS dealer who installed Edward’s system, giving him and his family the peace of mind to know that help is always a button push away.

We express gratitude for the AvantGuard team and their dedicated and constant endeavor to protect the lives and properties of their customers.

If you would like to share a story of how an AvantGuard employee’s quick action helped to save, or protect the property of your customers, please email us at We would love to share it!

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