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Fast Acting Crash Detection Monitoring

Oct 25, 2021 2:04:43 PM

Car accidents happen every day and can happen at any time. In Carly’s case, she’s fortunate that she had a crash detection app on her phone, supported by AvantGuard Monitoring, to detect when the unexpected happened.

Carly was driving to work — like she does every day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As she was on the freeway, she went to pass a semi. The semi didn’t see her and started to merge into her lane. She sped up to try to get ahead of the truck, but her car was clipped. This sent Carly’s car in a tailspin across the freeway. Her car spun several times before it hit the barrier.

Downloaded to her phone was an AG supported crash detection app. The crash triggered the app and promptly sent a signal into AvantGuard. AG monitoring specialist, Ryan called Carly but she was unable to answer. Ryan knew he had to immediately dispatch the police and paramedics because this signal could very well be for a serious accident.

Paramedics and police arrived on scene to find a smashed-up car and a visibly shaken Carly. They were able to get her out of the car, check for any major injuries and make sure she was alright. Thankfully, Carly sustained no serious injuries.

Carly later called AvantGuard backed to say thanks for the swift response. She expressed how thankful she was to receive immediate help on the scene. She knows that if she was hurt, she wouldn’t have been able to call anybody. The app and AG potentially saved her life.

Ryan knew exactly how to handle the situation and got Carly prompt assistance. Thanks to Ryan, and all our highly trained and skilled operators, Carly has peace of mind knowing that AG has her back.

* names in story have been changed

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