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AG Heroes | Children Trapped in Elevator!

Jan 23, 2015 3:41:44 PM

COMMERCE CITY, CO–Imagine being 10-years-old and being locked in a metal box with no way out! 

Near the end of November, two 4th graders stayed after school to help their teacher set up for a fundraiser. The students were assigned to bring items down from the classroom to the auditorium, and pulled a small wagon filled with books into the elevator. The door closed and the children pressed the button for the next floor, as usual. The elevator started to move, then suddenly stopped. The two young girls were trapped! 

The children recognized quickly what they needed to do and pressed the "Help" button. 

AvantGuard Operator, Jackyln responded immediately and confirmed the children were stuck in the elevator. The children were relieved to hear her voice over the speaker. Jackyln comforted the girls and reassured them that help was on the way. 

Jackyln recalled, "I don't think they were any older than 10 and sounded pretty scared, so I wanted to make sure that we got help on the way as fast as we could." 

James, another AvantGuard operator partnered with Jackyln to quickly send the fire department to the school, arriving within minutes. 

The school was also notified of the situation and that help was on the way. The fire department arrived to safely rescue the students, who now enjoy telling the harrowing tale to their friends. Both students received an award from the school for staying calm and thinking quickly in a difficult situation. 

Thanks to the dealer of this elevator alarm system and to the Commerce City Fire Department for their speedy response and assistance.

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