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AvantGuard Provides Jobs For Weber State University Students

Alex Flitton
Sep 26, 2018 8:05:00 AM

AvantGuard recently partnered with the Weber State University (WSU) Career Services department in an effort to better reach students looking for college jobs. AvantGuard is proud to provide several unique benefits to students who are working to earn higher education degrees.

“Our partnership at Weber State University helps students get great part-time employment and internships that work around their school schedule,” said Ryan Miller, recruiting specialist at AvantGuard. He continues, “Because of our partnership, you’ll see us at the career fair, graduation events, and in the student union building.”

Working At AvantGuard Is Perfect For Students

Weber State University students who need a part time job or internship will find several benefits working for AvantGuard. “This is the perfect place to work for students because the work is simple, the pay is competitive and they get tuition reimbursement,” said Miller. He continues, “And, on top of that, the hours are really flexible, so when you know a big test is coming up, you can almost always get a coworker to cover your shift for you.”

Why AvantGuard Partners With Weber State University

Working With Weber State University is a no-brainer, because AvantGuard needs students who need a part time job to help them get through school, and students need financial help and a great team to work with. AvantGuard’s partnership simply creates more opportunities to work with students on campus and help them achieve their academic goals.

Why Students Should Apply At AvantGuard

In addition to the perks and benefits of working at AvantGuard, AG Team members are specifically chosen because we feel they will match our culture. “We really care about each other here,” says Miller. He continues, “We really work hard to cultivate a vibrant work culture where each team member has the chance to make a difference in others’ lives. Last week, we hosted a benefit 5K for an Ogden family who was going through medical difficulties. It’s really a unique opportunity to work with community members and help make a difference for others.

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