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AvantGuard Earns Salt Lake Tribune Top Workplace Award

Nov 15, 2019 9:59:54 AM

For the last six years The Salt Lake Tribune has partnered with Energage, a research partner for Top Workplaces, to uncover the best workplaces for employees in Utah. This year, AvantGuard Monitoring received the Top Workplace Award for being one of the top 100 companies in Utah with the highest employee satisfaction.

AvantGuard has always considered its employees to be the cornerstone of the business. AvantGuard continually works to create an atmosphere that is not only fun for employees, but also facilitates their career growth and education. And the Top Workplaces employee feedback survey conveyed that AvantGuard is doing a great job at creating a great environment for employees.

How Do Companies Earn The Award?

Companies submit an application to Top Workplaces for the award. Then, Energage sends the company a survey for its employees to take. Employees can take the survey anonymously and answer questions about their workplace satisfaction. The results are then submitted back to Energage for analysis of the employee feedback. Only the top 100 companies are given the award based on the results of the survey.

This year, 1,365 companies were invited to conduct the survey and 28,744 employees completed the survey. All companies that have at least 35 employees were eligible. Given the large number of companies that were invited, AvantGuard is pleased to be one of the top 100 in the state of Utah.

AvantGuard continues to grow and look for ways to improve an already incredible employee culture. AvantGuard recently put up suggestion boxes throughout its monitoring center for employees to put suggestions in about technology, policy or any way to innovate and make the company better. AvantGuard listens to its employees and empowers them to make a difference. It is one of the many reasons why employees love working for AvantGuard.

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