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AG Heroes | Alarm System Again Saves Woman's Home

Apr 9, 2014 10:43:32 PM

TACOMA, WA–In the 12 years that Mariann has had her alarm system there have been two kitchen fires (admitting her horrible cooking techniques) and 2 burglary attempts. As she put it – "This system has been worth every penny!”

On March 28th at 12:06pm Mariann’s most valued possessions were feet away from the hands of a greedy burglar. As the burglar opened the bedroom window Mariann’s system went off. AvantGuard team member Michael immediately received the alarm. At once he called Mariann, informed her that her system had been triggered, and dispatched police. Mariann was just arriving home and Michael advised her to stay outside till police arrive.

Upon arrival police requested that Mariann continue to stay in her car while they survey the home. Police went to the back of her house to find that her bedroom window had been smashed and opened. After police cleared the home, Mariann rushed in to see if anything had been taken. She was pleased to see that nothing was missing.

Police theorized that when the burglar had triggered the alarm he took off even before entering the home.

Speaking of her alarm dealer, Mariann later told AvantGuard: "I recommend you to everyone! You have saved irreplaceable items in my home that would've been lost forever.”

We thank AG team member Michael for his fast response in Mariann’s behalf. We extend our appreciation to the alarm dealer who installed her system – giving Mariann years of confident protection and service, for whatever may come.

We express gratitude for the AvantGuard team and their dedicated and constant endeavor to protect the lives and properties of their customers.

If you would like to share a story of how an AvantGuard employee’s quick action helped to save, or protect the property of your customers, please email us at We would love to share it!

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