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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Reducing Unnecessary Loss


What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Fire Alarm monitoring is the operation that tracks the status of smoke and Co2 detectors in homes and businesses.

Millions of structures in the United States are currently protected by such detectors, helping make them safer places to live and work. When a fire occurs, there is not always someone home, and if they are, it is all too likely that occupants could pass out from smoke inhalation before they are able to escape.


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The Future Of Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire management has taken several new turns in the last five years and new technologies are being implemented to fight fires more effectively. In addition to the traditional smoke detectors and monitoring services, new technologies are capable of identifying the exact location of a fire in a building so firefighters can enter structures more safely. In addition, popular drone technology is being deployed to even put out fires from the sky, extending the vertical reach of firefighters and helping them avoid unnecessary risk.

AvantGuard Fire Alarm Monitoring 

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