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AvantGuard's Industry Glossary

Alarm Monitoring

Devices that track emergency situations can be connected to an alarm monitoring service which ensures that users are protected at all hours of the day by a central station operator.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring

A type of alarm communication path that uses a digital cellular network to send alarm signals from the control panel to a monitoring center's cellular receivers. this type of alarm monitoring requires a digital cellular communicator that is hardwired into the security system and a cellular monitoring contract. cellular monitoring does not require phone lines, and there is no chance of the purposeful or accidental cutting of your alarm communication line. therefore, cellular monitoring is one of the most reliable ways to monitor a security system. cellular devices can also be mobile, providing an opportunity for the central station to monitor the physical location of the devices as necessary.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

When a fire starts, the installed detection system is designed to alert the occupants of a building and send a signal the central station where it is monitored. fire alarm monitoring is designed to remove the worry and human error from the people involved in the emergency scenario and deliver fire department help as quickly as possible.

Internet-based Alarm Monitoring

An alarm communication path that uses an ethernet connection to send an alarm signal over the internet from the control panel to a central monitoring station’s ip receivers. this type of alarm monitoring requires an ip communicator hardwired into the security system and an internet monitoring contract. the benefits of internet monitoring are that no phone line is required which reduces the possibility a communication line being cut on purpose or accident. in addition, internet communication is not expensive, and it is fully supervised so the connection is constantly polled by the central station received.

Wholesale Alarm Monitoring

A service that is commonly included in residential and commercial security systems that adds a second layer of support when an emergency event occurs. designed to verify situations and deliver help as quickly as possible, wholesale alarm monitoring is charged on a monthly basis and provides an added layer of convenience and security, especially when typical account holders have to handle several tasks when an emergency arises.