Wholesale Smart Car Monitoring

Protecting Drivers And Their Cars

Monitoring smart cars for critical events is crucial in protecting and saving lives. Today’s Smart cars have the ability to deliver actionable data to the monitoring center, giving operators the tools they need to diagnose and resolve accidents. AvantGuard’s state of the art technology is capable of monitoring all of the most advanced systems on the market.

Internet of Things Enabled

As more devices and functions become enabled by internet connectivity, being able to monitor the internet of things becomes increasingly essential. And with the introduction of 5G, the common consumer will have access to futuristic technology, all of which is likely to be secured by blockchain systems.

Crash Detection

One of the most common events that are monitored in smart cars is high-force impact. Whether an accident occurs in the form of a fender bender, t-bone or head-on collision, drivers are often rendered incapable of contacting emergency services. Having an immediate connection with an operator after a crash is essential in saving lives and reducing the amount of time between an accident and getting emergency services on scene. Better yet, the monitoring center can often take responsibility for calling a local towing company, if necessary, removing any need for drivers to worry about more than they need to.

What is unique about monitoring smart cars, is the crash detection technology is native to the automobile itself. Instead of monitoring a crash detection device that is plugged into a cigarette lighter, the tracking and sensor system is much more difficult to override and requires extensive knowledge from the hijacker.

Stolen Car Alerts

Even if a burglar is capable of disarming an audible alarm, the monitoring center can still verify the status of an automobile and its location after an alarm goes off with the owner of the vehicle. If the car has been stolen, it can be remotely disabled and/or tracked to deliver actionable insights to local law enforcement. Either way, lives and property are protected and law enforcement is empowered by the monitoring center instead of burdened by it.

Monitoring The Internet of Things


The world of wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding and AvantGuard is putting itself in the middle of it all. As new products and services are developed to enhance individual safety and quality of life, we adapt our monitoring technology to accommodate those needs.

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