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What Is Causing The Cybersecurity Hiring Gap

Sep 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The need for cybersecurity has been increasing exponentially year after year. Now with so many people working remotely, especially in the security industry, securing data has never been more important. With the need for cybersecurity professionals growing, and a virtually endless amount of job opportunities for cybersecurity professionals, it’s a bit unexpected that cybersecurity is suffering from a widening skills gap for available positions. Below we take a look at the reasons cybersecurity positions are having a difficult time being filled and retained.

Starts With HR

Job descriptions go a long way in the hiring world. A talented cybersecurity professional may never apply to your job posting if the job description is too vague or way too nuanced and specific.

The other problem is that cybersecurity is a highly technical job, and HR personnel might not know what the technology team is looking for, or how to interview for the position. In this case, the technology or security manager needs to work closely with the HR department to ensure the necessary steps are taken to find qualified individuals. This may require some additional testing for candidates to see if they can accomplish the work that is needed.


We’ve already addressed that the need for cybersecurity is stronger than ever, which has led companies to outstretch and overwork their teams. Remote working, long hours, and limited days off is a common theme in the cybersecurity world. But that’s also a huge issue if your company is trying to sell a position to someone. Since there is such a big need for cybersecurity positions, industries or companies that can actually offer some sort of scheduling flexibility to cybersecurity professionals have a huge leg up on the competition. Unfortunately, most companies don’t, hence the reason why the gap is widening.


Right now, technology and cybersecurity staffs are thin. Once a candidate gets hired, there is a very real possibility that the person is expected to hit the ground running, and training the individual goes by the wayside. Although a cybersecurity professional can operate certain jobs and positions, that doesn’t mean they will immediately be able to take over specifically what you need them for. This lack of training pushes many cybersecurity professionals to leave only after a limited time of service with a company.

The Need For Cybersecurity is Growing

There is giant growth in the need for cyber protection. In fact, numerous studies and reports suggest that the industry could grow by upwards of 300% in the next few years. Your business will definitely need to work out your hiring processes and get a plan in place to hire and retain potential cybersecurity professionals.

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