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What California's New Solar Laws Mean For Security Dealers

Alex Flitton
Oct 4, 2018 8:05:00 AM

California recently passed legislation that requires all new homes to be built with solar panels, a push that places the renewable energy market on a sustainable growth course. It is a bold piece of legislation that paves the way for security dealers with adaptive mindsets to establish new verticals. And it sets an example for additional states to follow suit, especially as fossil fuel use correlates with global climate change, resulting in bigger hurricanes, and possibly even stronger earthquakes.

New Verticals Await

This new legislation will go into effect by 2020, giving construction companies, homeowners and everyone else a chance to prepare for the upcoming change. Security dealers who are already in the home automation industry have a chance to integrate yet another piece into the internet of things. And, although solar doesn’t provide recurring monthly revenue (RMR), it will be required in every new home, providing new opportunities to deliver full-package services to new homes.

Full Package Solutions

If the video security deal with Canada’s largest cannabis producer tells us anything, it’s that specialized service delivers greater buying motivation. March Networks, the company that won the deal, does not focus their services solely on security camera installation. Because their business model is built for the emerging Cannabis market, they deliver essential peripheral services that make their company a catch-all for regulatory compliance. Most security camera companies wouldn’t think to include RFID tags to help with product tracking or even bother with integrating the tracking technology with the camera feed, but they did; and that’s why they closed the deal.

The Future Of Security

With the emergence of DIY security products, traditional, single-vertical installers are quickly losing relevance. California’s new solar legislation paves the way for automation experts to deliver yet another service that meets the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. It is a small representation of how the future of security for residential and commercial spaces will continue to evolve.

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