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TMA 5 Diamond Dealer Program

Alex Flitton
Apr 3, 2019 8:05:00 AM

The Monitoring Association (TMA) – formerly the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) – recently unveiled its new dealer program, extending its emphasis on becoming the standard setter for monitoring services, like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual Approved (FM Approved).

What Is The 5 Diamond Dealer Program?

The 5 Diamond Dealer program allows dealers to tout the 5 Diamond designation to potential customers, giving installation companies an even greater incentive to work with central stations that maintain high levels of regulatory compliance and excellence than ever before. Using the designation of the 5 Diamond program will help bolster installation companies’ reputations and consumer trust.

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The 5 Diamond designation is given to dealers through the central stations they work with. Therefore, only central stations that currently hold a 5 Diamond designation can extend it to the companies they monitor for.

What Does It Mean To Work With A 5 Diamond Central Station? Learn Here:

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How To Participate In The 5 Diamond Dealer Program Through AvantGuard:

  1. Inform your Dealer Care Representative - If you are interested in joining the 5 Diamond Dealer Program, you simply have to let your dealer service representative know by email. If you do not have your individual representative’s email, you can email
  2. Complete The Application - The next stage is to fill out the application provided by your dealer service representative. The packet will ask questions about your business and will help TMA determine your eligibility for the program. Simply put, you must confirm that your accounts are monitored by a qualified central station.
  3. Pay Dues, and Use Provided Materials - Becoming a 5 Diamond Dealer is not free, and requires the payment of membership dues. Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive information regarding your membership and a logo to use on your website and other marketing materials.

What Are The Benefits Of The 5 Diamond Dealer Program?

Participating in the 5 Diamond Dealer Program has its unique benefits that are designed to help build your company’s rapport with consumers. After all, consumers typically do business with people they trust, and your business is no different.

Here is what you get with your participation:

  • Online Marketing Tool Kit: A set of materials to help your company use the designation to promote your Five Diamond status.
  • Listing on the TMA website and in TMA Dispatch: In addition to being formally listed, the backlink from TMA’s website provides additional value in terms of searchability and website value.
  • Annual TMA Five Diamond logo usage license: Gain the ability to use the 5 Diamond logo legally on your website and marketing materials
  • Year plate for your TMA Five Diamond plaque: Demonstrate that your company stays up to date with industry standards and regulations by using the most recent version of the 5 Diamond plaque.

Interested in working with a 5 Diamond Central Station?

Get in contact with a monitoring specialist who can help answer questions you may have.

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