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The Benefits of Treating Your Alarm Monitoring Services Company Employees like Family

Jul 8, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Recently, AvantGuard Dealer Care Representative, Gavin Butterfield, won the TMA Excellence Award for Best Support Person of the Year for 2020. About receiving the honor, Butterfield said, “I feel honored to win an award like this, and to be part of the amazing team, and a company that treats its employees like family.” There is a major correlation between your employees feeling like family members and success stories within the alarm monitoring services industry.

Ways To Show Your Business Cares

Employee success at AvantGuard is one example of how treating your employees like family can lead to them working harder and enjoying their work more. But what are the ways that companies can achieve this sort of culture, and what are the additional benefits when your employees feel cared for?


The American philosopher, William James, once said “the deepest principle in human nature is a craving to feel appreciated.” Appreciation equates to value, and it is incredibly important that your employees feel valued. In the same way you might show appreciation for your kids when they do the dishes without you asking — those good deeds and efforts might discontinue if you never acknowledge the act. Showing appreciation to your employees will make them want to come to work every day, and will give them the drive to do things to the absolute best of their ability.

Off-Site Activities

Bringing staff members together off-site for happy hours, events, or even community service can go a long way in building a sense of community within your organization. AvantGuard for instance holds an annual 5K that not only helps a family within the community by providing donations for medical expenses, it also encourages employees to go run, enjoy their team, while also giving back. But there’s also nothing wrong with a company party after work hours to let your employees relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Family comes first, and when you treat your employees like family, that means providing flexibility to take care of theirs. Imagine if you were the CEO of a company and in the middle of a work day, you got news that something happened to your wife or your children. There’s probably nothing that would stop you from leaving work to check on your family. It’s human nature to care for your family. That same flexibility should be afforded to your employees, especially for those who are caretakers for family members. Flexible schedules and emergency PTO (separate from regular PTO) can go a long way in showing your employees that family comes first. And the ability to work from home can really help employees who need that flexibility.


A little goes a long way, and showing your employees care and empathy can drastically improve performance and help you retain valuable employees. Some of the benefits of treating employees like family include:

  • Retention - Your employees are more likely to stay with your company if they feel they are appreciated and valued.
  • Employee Growth - When your employees feel valued, they may be able to reach potential that they didn’t even know existed. As they continue to work harder, more opportunities for growth emerge, and who knows where that career path can take them within the company.
  • Performance - Employee growth and performance go hand in hand. Your employee is going to thrive, and your business is going to reap the benefits of the additional performance.
  • Overall happiness - It just feels good to treat others with care and compassion. And when you feel good and your employees feel good and happy, it really makes the work environment a much better place where success can thrive.

Take it from us, not only did Gavin Butterfield in the Support Person of the Year award, but one of our operators , Amanda Edmunds, won the Operator of the Year award at the same ceremony. And let’s not forget our HR team winning the Gallagher Best-in-Class HR award. Trust us, when you treat your employees well, everyone wins in the business.

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