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The AG Update: Ep. 36

Dec 13, 2019 9:15:18 AM

Fire Monitoring During the Holidays, Business Email Compromise, AG Hero, and much more...

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  1. Fire Monitoring During the Holiday Season
  2. Security Market Trends - Business Email Compromise
  3. AG Hero - Collision Catastrophe


Fire Monitoring During the Holiday Season

With the increased electrical usage in your home this holiday season, the hazard of an electrical fire increases. Limit the burden on your home’s electricity by cutting down on extension cords; they aren’t meant to take and distribute significant amounts of electricity.

Keep your Christmas tree watered daily, as dry trees burn MUCH faster, and make sure your tree is placed away from the exits of your home or business. When hanging lights outdoors, stick to about three strands per extension cord, and make sure you’re using GFCI outlets. And last but not least, make sure all your fire alarms are working correctly.

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Security Market Trends - Business Email Compromise

Today, hackers aren’t breaking into your bank account or your company’s infrastructure and attacking with brute force. Instead, they are using what is called a business email compromise. They wait for you to make a careless error, then they capitalize on it.

That’s exactly what happened to Mark, the head of a real estate company in Seattle, when he sent $50,000 to his business partner. In reality, Mark and his partner had been discussing this payment, but the hackers had been watching their interactions closely. When the hackers sent Mark an email on how to wire the money to the same bank as his partner, but to the wrong account, Mark didn’t think twice before sending the money right to the hacker’s account.

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AG Hero - Collision Catastrophe

On a cold and rainy day in Northern California, Mark, and his fiance, Amy, were headed to the store to buy wedding favors for their guests. This was a day that they both had been looking forward to.

As Mark pulled off of the freeway and began to navigate through the streets of the city, they arrived at an intersection. When the light turned green and the car started to roll forward, Mark looked towards Amy and saw something horrific;   a car, barreling towards them. They were sent spinning through traffic and, once they stopped, Mark couldn’t locate his phone. He then remembered that he kept a PERS device in his car.

The Belle+ Device by Freeus connected Mark with an Avantguard Operator, Anthony, who quickly dispatched EMS to the scene. The couple survived, and are currently on their way to recovery.

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