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The AG Update: Ep. 2

Alex Flitton
Mar 1, 2019 8:05:00 AM

AI Increases Camera Privacy, 5 Local Marketing Tactics You Need To Use Today, And More...

Links To Resources:

  1. AI Camera Tech Protects Consumer Privacy
  2. 5 Local Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today
  3. Justin Bailey Participates In Roundtable


Industry News - AI Camera Tech Protects Consumer Privacy

Our first topic this week: Artificial intelligence could make consumers feel comfortable enough to put cameras inside their homes. Yeah, seriously.

Now, before you tell me I’m crazy, it’s true. A company called Cherry Home has made a camera that replaces you, your dog, and other people, with stick figures.

The AI technology that they use, tracks things like your walking pattern, limb length and other body features to identify you and track behaviors that might require an emergency response. Like a fall, for example.

But, if you want crazy AI technology to monitoring your life in a non-intrusive way, you’ll have to fork up a whopping $1500 dollars. Just don’t expect your millennial children to buy it for you.

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AG News - 5 Local Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today

If you have a new or small business, you’re probably looking for some quick, effective ways to market your products or services. Look no further, because we wrote a quick article on 5 local marketing tactics you can use today to put your business’s name where buyers are looking.

We go through how you can register your business with Google, leverage consumer reviews to generate brand trust and even how you can use your competitors as a template to save you a ton of time.

It’s basically a reader’s digest introduction. So if you’re short on time or new to marketing, this article is perfect for you. And if you have more time, there are a bunch of links you can use to find even more learning materials.

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Industry Event - Justin Bailey Participates In Roundtable

AvantGuard President, Justin Bailey recently participated in a roundtable discussion with industry veterans from companies like Vivint, Dice Corporation, Telular, and Acadian Monitoring.

They talked about some of the biggest industry challenges they face, the effect that DIY security systems are having on market, and how companies should make themselves stand above the rest.

It was an insightful conversation, especially from people who understand the industry so well. And I was even surprised to hear how optimistic they all were about the rise of DIY products.

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