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The AG Central Station Migration Process

Mar 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change central stations. The AG team is committed to making the migration experience as smooth and as stress free as possible.

Migrating to AvantGuard

We start the process by assigning dedicated specialists for your migration. You’ll have a specialist for both the monitoring side of things as well as the customer side. This way, you don’t get the run around when you have questions.

Next, your company provides AG with sample data. This helps determine the migration timeline. After the data is received, we setup weekly conference calls to keep you informed on the progress of the migration — no guessing or waiting games — we keep you informed.

In these meetings, we discuss specific tasks to be completed and timelines. This does two things: first, it ensures that everybody knows the weekly goals and when each will be completed, and second, it breaks the migration down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

After we’ve processed the first batch of data, we share the data so you can review and determine any final adjustments that need to be made before we move on to the rest of the migration.

Once the final details of the all the data are hashed out, we send a RespOrg order for your existing receiver lines to the phone company to get that process moving along while we process the data.

You’ll find that our monitoring software, Stages, is an extremely robust tool. But we won’t have you go into Stages blind. We host multiple trainings with onboarding companies on how to use Stages so you feel comfortable with it well before the migration process is complete.

Keep in mind, we don’t just put all of your data from your system right into production in Stages. We create a testing environment first so you can interact with the data in Stages and ensure that everything looks correct. Here, we can make any additional changes that are necessary. Once the data is approved, we go over it a second time just to make sure everything is in working order before we move it to the production stage.

AG will then schedule a “go-live” date and conference call with you. On the day of the conversion, the AG migration team closely watches the migration traffic to make sure all signals are being received properly.

Once the migration is over, our Dealer Care team will be readily available to assist you or answer any questions you might have. We’re confident you will be thrilled you made the switch to AvantGuard. Our unparalleled service is what makes us different from all other central stations.

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