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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Nov 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM

It doesn’t matter if you are a dealer, integrator or customer, when it comes to Thanksgiving, the turkey is generally the centerpiece of the holiday dinner. We can all appreciate a flavorful and perfectly cooked turkey shared with family and friends. But what we all want to avoid is a Thanksgiving Day disaster. Here are some Turkey Day cooking tips to help prevent you and your customer’s Thanksgiving dinner from going up in flames (literally).

Thanksgiving Fire Numbers

It should come as no surprise that Thanksgiving is the peak day across the entire calendar year for home cooking fires. In 2018, fire departments across the United States estimated 1,630 residential fires took place on Thanksgiving alone. That is a quick way to ruin your holiday. Below are the best ways to prevent a holiday disaster.

Fire Safety Tips

If you are deep drying a turkey this year, please don’t do this:

It’s never a smart idea to dump a frozen turkey into an overfull vat of hot oil. If you insist on frying a turkey this year, here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Be extra careful with fryers as they are prone to tipping and spilling
  • Even a partially frozen turkey will cause the oil to splatter out of the fryer
  • Wear protective gear when handling a turkey fryer, as the pot handles and lid can get dangerously hot
  • Deep fry turkeys outdoors and not on decks or inside garages

Other safety tips to avoid a memorable (but for all the wrong reasons) Thanksgiving are fairly obvious, but go a long way in preventing a house fire from happening:

  • Stay in the kitchen so you can keep an eye on the food
  • Make sure your smoke and fire alarms are working in the home
  • Don’t leave lit candles in the house unattended
  • Make sure electrical cords aren’t dangling from the counter

Residential fires are easily preventable. We want everybody to have a safe, fun and memorable (for the right reasons) Thanksgiving this year.

Enjoy your turkey dinner!

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