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Jan 20, 2021 7:00:00 AM

There is a scene in Live Free or Die Hard where the bad guys take over all TV stations and broadcast a message that says, “What if you’re hurt and alone and you dial 911 and no one answers?...” Although this is a silly (and awesome) action movie, the proposition is a scary one. When your customers dial for help, or their PERS device detects a fall, they expect someone on the other line to be there for them. This is only achievable with reliable and trustworthy technology that is fail-proof.

Redundant Redundancy

AvantGuard has and continues to invest millions of dollars on our redundant technology, so when your customers need assistance during an emergency, no matter the circumstances, we’ll receive the signal, and they’ll get the help they need. But how does this technology work?

AvantGuard has two fully redundant central stations. If a natural disaster were to interrupt the signal path to one of our central stations, our other station is able to completely handle the signal load automatically, with no human intervention or interruption to the customer’s service. We achieve this by conducting regular immediate failover testing of our system.

AvantGuard Senior Vice President of Technology, Rich Watts, discussed the importance of our failover systems, “If there’s manual intervention, there’s time involved and there’s potential mistakes by the person that’s doing the intervention. So, we program our systems to automatically switch over without any interruption to the traffic of those alarm signals.”

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