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Spring Cleaning Your Business

Apr 6, 2021 1:42:28 PM

Many of you have most likely participated in some form of “Spring cleaning” to tidy up your home or yard. But have you considered doing some spring cleaning to your business? Just like your home, you can accumulate a lot of “junk” in your business, whether that’s bad database contacts, an overflowing inbox, or even a physically messy office space — all of which can hamper the performance of your business. Spring cleaning your business can go a long way in making things more streamlined, efficient and more profitable. Here’s a few pointers to get started.

Scrub Down Your Email

A good place to begin with your spring cleaning is your email since it is often one of the main gateways for your customers to engage with you. Cleaning your email can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have thousands of unread emails sitting in your inbox, but it can greatly increase your response time to your customers, improve your overall customer service, and in turn, increase your profits.

Start by mass deleting emails that you no longer need. Then unsubscribe to email campaigns that you no longer want to receive. Finally, use the filters, labels, and folders available in your email client to automatically sort emails. Check out this article on how to clean your inbox for more information.

Clean Up Your Website

When was the last time you did a website audit? If you are saying to yourself, “I’ve never done one,” it’s been too long. Auditing your website can catch errors like broken links, old addresses and phone numbers, not to mention outdated content that may be negatively affecting your business. Your website is essentially the gateway to your business.

Audit Your Books

Do you have a folder with hundreds of scattered receipts? Are you able to forecast the next six months of expenditures and income? Ideally, you want to make sure your books are in order before April 15th (Tax Day), but in reality, you should be auditing your books every few months to make sure all of your company’s finances are in order. Your books are like the financial roadmap for your company and if you aren’t diligent about keeping your books in order, you could be missing out on financial opportunities, or worse, losing money unnecessarily.

Business & Marketing Planning

If you haven’t refreshed or even looked at your business plan or marketing plans in over a year, these strategies could be outdated or irrelevant. Business is always changing and your business has to be flexible and adaptable. Over the course of a year, your business goals may have changed. Make sure your business plan and marketing strategies are in line with your current vision. After you clean your books, you may find needs in one area or another that need more attention, or that it’s time to venture into new markets. Either way, dusting off that old business plan and making it current is a smart idea.

Physical Cleaning

We encourage you to check out this article from the Harvard Business Review that cites multiple studies on the effects of a cluttered workspace and productivity. People who work in cluttered work areas are often more distracted, stressed and anxious, and are more prone to procrastination.

From an aesthetic point of view, a clean workplace looks more appealing for your overall brand. And if you have customers coming to your office, a tidy office space portrays a much better impression for you and your brand than a cluttered office area.

Spring into Success

There is no better time to whip your business into shape with a little spring cleaning. And if you want to whip your accounts into shape, check out our AG Dealer Dashboard, AG App and AG Chat. We provide these resources to you for no additional charge.

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