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Service Spotlight: Crash Detection Monitoring

Jun 8, 2021 10:19:30 AM

AvantGuard has been monitoring crash detection devices since 2016 and receives over 2,000 crash detection signals a month. Crash detection is a growing sector of our monitoring services. And just like any alarm signal we received, crash detection signals are met with immediate and compassionate service — every time.

How Crash Detection Monitoring Works

AG utilizes our redundancy and communications technology to connect AG specialists to vehicle occupants as soon as soon as an emergency occurs. Our specialists are able to assess the situation and connect occupants with emergency services by utilizing the following:

Location Tracking – AG uses the location services on the crash detection device to provide emergency services the whereabouts of the vehicle’s occupants and get them help as quickly as possible.

Action Plans — AG utilizes automated scripts to deliver consistent and effective customer service in all scenarios. It allows our monitoring specialists to quickly verify the status of the vehicle occupants, relay location information and dispatch emergency services all while staying on the line with the occupants.

Data Storage and Encryption — We capture and store the signal data to make it available for our crash detection partners for reporting. But all of the data is encrypted preventing others from accessing the information.

A Responsible Monitoring Center

Our technology, people and processes have one goal — keeping your customers safe and protected in the event of an emergency. Crash monitoring is another way AG works towards providing the most comprehensive monitoring services for your customers.

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