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Service Spotlight: Crash Detection Monitoring

Dec 13, 2021 9:34:50 AM

Did you know AvantGuard has been monitoring crash detection signals since 2016? How do we leverage our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled operators to ensure that people get the help they need in the event of crash?

Car Crash Statistics

According to the CDC almost 2,400 teens were in fatal car accidents in 2019, and traffic fatalities overall have increased by 7.2% in 2020 amongst all drivers, to 38,680 people, even though there were actually fewer drivers on the road. If you count all traffic accidents, there was an estimated three million car accidents in 2020.

Consider this — many of us spend a good chunk of our day in our cars. We commute to and from work, pick up the kids from school and run all sorts of daily errands. Add this up and we’re spending several hours in our cars a day. Today your customers are protected in their homes with professionally monitored alarm systems, but what about all that added time in the car? And when you consider the significant number of total accidents each year, the risks from driving become a bit more clear.

This isn’t intended to scare anyone, but upon reviewing the numbers, there are potential risks whenever anyone gets behind the wheel. The benefits of crash monitoring for you and your customers are noteworthy. Here are the essential elements of effective crash detection monitoring

1. Location Tracking

Locating your customers is critical in the event of an accident. AG’s monitoring technology can track their location and deliver that information to emergency dispatch services, even if the customer is unable to answer or respond.

2. Action Plans

Action plans must be put in place and executed with speed and accuracy for crash victims to get the most efficient and prompt help possible. AG action plans include determining the status of the vehicle’s occupants, confirming location of the vehicle, and dispatching emergency services.

3. Caring Operators

AG operators are highly trained to execute the pre-defined action plans. They are also trained to provide caring, empathetic service, to comfort and assure the passengers that help is on the way.

We encourage you to share this information with your customers. Our mission is to save lives, protect property and inspire peace of mind — even when your customers are in their car.

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