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Rapid Response - Competitor Review

Alex Flitton
Nov 14, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Rapid Response monitoring is among the largest wholesale monitoring companies in the United States. Its heavy emphasis on technology-related messaging distinguishes its focus from its competition, reinforcing the idea that it is a technology leader in the central station monitoring industry. While technology has certainly been a focal investment and marketing point, there are certainly other areas where Rapid Response deserves commendation.

Service Claims

One of the biggest points of pride for Rapid Response is their advanced application of monitoring technology, even going so far as to state that it is a “quantum leap” ahead of the competition. One of the ways Rapid Response does stand out in the tech department is by offering custom mobile apps to dealers and subscribers. Aside from that, though, it is difficult to find any particularly unique offerings in its service. In fact, AvantGuard uses the same central station automation software and offers the same technology features and capabilities. In addition, GPS, video, and two-way voice are fairly standard technologies provided by any respectable monitoring center in the current market; so, to claim them as a differentiator could be seen as evasive.


Rapid Response has one of the more updated websites in the wholesale monitoring industry, offering clear pathways to essential information. The site even provides useful details about the company’s service offering and technology specs.

Aesthetically, the website is very dark, incorporating lots of images of server rooms and glowing buttons. This is, no doubt, to play off of the idea that it is technology-centered and “cutting edge.” The look is a little counterintuitive, though, leaning itself more toward a mock-futuristic style. Not to mention, the centered orientation of the paragraphs and grey text on a blue/black background makes some of the text-heavy sections difficult to read. Even if the unseemly nature of the stylistic elements can be chalked up to personal preference, displaying information in a format that makes reading an arduous task is definitely problematic from the user perspective.


The most praiseworthy aspect of Rapid Response Monitoring is its employee reviews. Even though call-center-basd businesses typically suffer from a negative stigma, its employees seem to sincerely enjoy working there. Compliments range from employees feeling like their work is acknowledged and appreciated, to friendly co-workers, to the nice layout of the facilities.
It missed a golden opportunity, though, by using generic b-roll footage in their company career video instead of genuine employee testimonials.

Known for its very formal and buttoned-up nature, Rapid Response’s culture has a reputation in the industry. Located primarily in New York state as well as in it’s more recently opened office in California, the staff approaches most interactions with stereotypical northeast charm.

Unique Dealer Benefits

A unique benefit to working with Rapid Response is having the ability to be one of the first to adopt new technology. In 1997, Rapid was among the first companies in the wholesale monitoring industry to offer a mobile account access to dealers through the Palm PDA. And, according to the history page on its website, Rapid Response had several interesting developments occur around that same time. Since the early 2000s, though, much of the advancement has been incremental and has been largely matched by other industry leaders.


Overall, Rapid Response provides the same services that other top-tier monitoring centers provide. In addition to traditional security and fire as well as PERS/life safety, Rapid has marketed heavily in the IoT monitoring space. This is a good move as new and unique technologies will provide growth opportunities for the future. Few monitoring centers are ready for the challenges of IoT monitoring likely leaving only Rapid Response and AvantGuard as viable options.


At one time, Rapid Response may have been the leader in new technology for the monitoring space, but a few other players have been able to match and challenge that position. One of its biggest challenges is being located in states with some of the the highest living wages. Attracting affordable and capable talent is exceptionally difficult to find for any station, and Rapid’s locations will continue to exacerbate that challenge.

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