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Raise Your RMR By Upselling Your Subscribers

Mar 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

New customers are a great way to add success to your company, but that’s not all there is to it. Paying equal—if not more—attention to your existing client base can make a huge difference for your business’s growth.

What Upselling Does

A customer may be content with the current product they have, but finding out how to make the device even more efficient for their life is where upselling comes in. Is there a way to make your service easier to interact with? Sometimes subscribers may not be fully aware of what their product is capable of, and upselling is a great way to show them.

An example of an updated system will be featured by Speco Technologies at ISC West this March. James Hoang, partnering and integration manager, gave some tips on how to best upsell current customers simply by checking their equipment, “Promote redundancy and advise customers not to put all their eggs in one basket. Review the customer’s business and site requirements, and offer add-ons and upgrades that will cut cost and enhance security.” This way, once the hardware is up to date, the system can be modified to include even more abilities.

Staying in Contact

Gaining a customer’s trust helps them feel cared for, which in turn can motivate them to consider upgrades. This is why it’s vital to keep in contact and encourage conversations between B2C and the challenges they have. This way, you can truly understand what they want, and how you can improve your service to meet those needs.

One of the best ways to achieve upselling, according to Mark Duato from ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, is through marketing. “Newsletters and social media with unique customer testimonials and references can also be quite effective in stimulating interest. When you have a deep understanding of your customer’s world, you are able to help them in a more meaningful way.” By offering unique solutions, customers will realize you are an asset to the modern world of security tech.

Consider Integrations

To advance in the business, integrators should always be on the lookout to learn more about the newest technologies. While getting educated and staying on top of developments are vital to the long term health of a company, information should be used selectively.

“Consider creating an initiative or two around high-valued targeted solutions which your organizations can support effectively,” Duato said, advising not to confuse your sales team by marketing an overabundance of technology. He also suggested providing incentives for both your subscribers and sales to encourage utilizing the new solutions. This can allow both parties to get familiar with the benefits and gain a better understanding of the return on investment.

Why should you consider multi-service integration? Tracy Larson of WeSuite pointed out the benefits for the customer by saying, “Software that brings this all together for them can make their jobs easier and, ultimately, help to close more deals. The bottom line is that if you don’t include it, there’s zero chance you’ll sell it.”

If you’re looking to grow your company’s RMR, upselling to your current clients is a great way to do so. Make sure your sales team and customers have a clear path of communication, and stay educated on what new technology is coming to the market.

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