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A Tried-and-True Monitoring Account Migration Process for Enterprise Security Integrators and Dealers

Sep 11, 2023 9:00:00 AM

There are many reasons Enterprise Security Integrators and Dealers choose to migrate accounts to AvantGuard (AG) as their wholesale monitoring partner. Often, with large acquisitions, you need a premier monitoring station that can handle large account conversions. Some Integrators have discovered that it makes sense to consolidate accounts to a single monitoring service provider for consistency in monitoring operations. Many dealers are discovering that monitoring their own accounts has become quite costly in terms of money, time, and other valuable resources. Ongoing changes in monitoring technologies can make it difficult simply to keep up with the technological advancements. And lastly, Integrators and Dealers are finding that as their businesses grow over time, their monitoring needs change and expand. 


Regardless of the reasons driving Integrators and Dealers to make the change to AG, one thing is certain; AvantGuard has the experience, the people, the finely tuned processes, and the latest technologies to ensure that account transitions, small or large, happen quickly, smoothly, and with exceptional service. 

The AG Account Migration Process 

At AvantGuard, we have an experienced and dedicated team of experts whose only job is to work with Integrators and Dealers through the conversion process. For starters, we send a team of specialists to the Integrator’s or Dealer’s business to learn about the many unique needs and business intricacies to begin the first stages of the conversion process. 

Transitioning Integrators and Dealers work with a designated Dealer Care Specialist assigned specifically as their primary point of contact to guide them through the process. Through the discovery period and analysis of accounts, we learn how the applicable data is stored and recorded and then devise a detailed, customized conversion schedule. 

Communication during the process is key, ensuring that the Dealer knows exactly what is happening at every step of the process. Weekly accountability calls are scheduled to discuss each detail of the migration and provide progress updates. We test and retest account data in an AG testing environment until we get it just right, before moving anything into the Stages production environment. 

Training is also a significant and essential part of AG’s transition process, including training on Stages, our monitoring platform, along with other exclusive Dealer management and efficiency tools provided by AG at no cost. We aren’t satisfied until the new client is completely comfortable with our software and tools. 

Once the transfer is complete and we go live, our conversion team will continue to closely monitor signal traffic to ensure all lines and signals are being received, that everything is working smoothly, and to identify any potential account issues. When it’s all said and done, each new AG Integrator and Dealer partner will reap the benefits that come with the fastest emergency response times in the industry, the most skilled, caring operators, and all the cutting-edge technologies AvantGuard has to offer. 

Account Transition Case Studies  

Mountain Alarm 

AvantGuard provides Mountain Alarm a turn-key solution to help Dealers migrate their accounts. To provide uniformity in service, tools, and account management, all Dealers that Mountain Alarm acquires are transferred to use AvantGuard as their monitoring service provider. This guarantees that every Mountain Alarm Dealer gets the latest technology and exceptional service available to them.  

Mountain Alarm and AvantGuard have built a trusting relationship and a dedicated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) template to transfer newly acquired Dealers to AG in about 3 weeks on average. The industry average is roughly 45 days.  


In addition to the SOP template, Mountain Alarm Dealers enjoy a dedicated conversion team and point of contact. “We have a dedicated account manager from AvantGuard that is basically available to us 24/7. If we have any challenges with any migrating customers, we contact our AG account manager, and they immediately work on a solution till resolution.” - Shantel Summers, Director of Operations at Mountain Alarm.  

Southern Alarm & Security 

Southern Alarm & Security migrated their accounts after 50 years with Daniels Monitoring to AvantGuard in 2022. During the Quote2@2xtransition, General Manager of Southern Alarm, Mark Russell felt assured through the entire process that the transition was in good hands. “Leading up to the transition, we felt well informed. We knew when every step of the transition was going to take place,” said Russell.

As with all account transitions, Southern Alarm & Security was assigned a dedicated AG representative who was available to serve the Dealer during the entire process.  During the transition of over 3,000 accounts to AvantGuard, there was an issue with the hardlines communicating with the central station. Mark made a quick phone call to his Dealer Care representative, and the issue was resolved that day.  

Additionally, Southern Alarm & Security benefited from new technology offered by AG. They used to have to call everything in – anything from checking zones, signals or putting systems on test would have to be initiated with a call to the central station. With AvantGuard, the AG Mobile Technician app allows technicians to manage each account right in the app, without having to call into the central station. 

Southern Alarm & Security now benefits from the speed and efficiency with which they can run reports through AG’s Dealer Dashboard. AG’s integration with has also been a major time saver for Southern Alarm & Security. With the integration, all accounts’ information from the panel migrates directly into Stages for easy management for the Dealer. 

Overall, the transition was not only a success, but has strengthened their already successful security business by streamlining their reporting and account management. It also provided their subscribers with the best customer service in the industry. 

Tried-and-True Account Migration Experience 

AvantGuard’s conversion team has successfully completed hundreds of conversions, many with hundreds of thousands of accounts in a single conversion. We’ve fine-tuned our conversion process to make it a quick and efficient experience, as fast as three weeks in many cases. Our goal is to help Integrators and Dealers focus on what they do best by removing the stress from the conversion process.  

Integrators and Dealer who have partnered with AvantGuard, have quickly come to appreciate and enjoy a monitoring partnership and relationship built on trust. We invite Integrators and Dealers everywhere to learn more about our account transition services today.


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