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Maintaining Independence With PERS

Dec 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM

For many of us, when we finally turn 16-years-old and earn our driver’s license, it’s the first bit of real independence we experience. And from that day forward, our independence grows until we are self-sustaining adults. Since that first real experience of liberation, can you think of any moment in your life when you didn’t want your independence? Continuing to be self-sufficient becomes a key component when speaking with an aging parent about a PERS device. But the great thing is, mPERS devices allow them to keep their independence with an unintrusive device.

A Shift from Landlines to Mobile Devices

You don’t have to reach too far back to discover the shift from landlines to mobile PERS devices. Only eight years ago, subscribers using mobile PERS devices made up roughly 1% of our total PERS subscriber base. Today, that number is around 75%.

Yet, many potential subscribers who are entering that age where a PERS device could be beneficial still believe that a PERS device means they are “landlocked’ to their home. And for subscribers who still feel as though they can take care of themselves and be independent, being confined to their home does not sound ideal. In our opportunity in PERS article, 43% of subscribers still use home-based PERS systems. That’s why it is important for you to explain to your customers the many options beyond landline PERS devices.

Independence Thanks to mPERS

Thanks to cellular and GPS technology, mPERS devices grant our seniors who may be more at risk of a medical emergency the ability to get help quickly, yet still allow them to remain independent and self-sufficient. Devices such as the Belle LTE is IP67 water-resistant and has a 30-day battery life, so seniors don’t have to worry about the weather turning on them when they are outside. The Belle+ LTE also has GPS and fall detection, so seniors can remain active by going on hikes and bike rides and continue to be protected by their mPERS device.

These devices have come a long way since their inception, but some of the biggest strides have been made in the last decade. Make sure your customers know that they can still maintain their independence with an mPERS device.

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