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Assessing The Health of Aging Parents

Dec 16, 2020 8:00:00 AM

As much as the holidays are about being thankful, being around friends and family, and if we’re being honest, eating an embarrassing (or impressive) amount of food, the holidays should also be about making sure that your aging parents are in good health and still able to function independently. Since travel has been restricted for much of 2020, this holiday season could be the best time to assess your aging parents’ health and whether or not a PERS device is right for them.

Signs of Decline

Sure, forgetfulness and creaky bones are signs of old age. Some of us in our 30s and 40s bones creek like we’re in our 70s. But when issues like forgetfulness starts to be more of the norm than just an occasional occurrence, or getting from a seated to standing position starts to really get difficult, these could be the telltale signs that your aging parents need assistance.

While your family is all together around the Christmas tree or the dinner table this year (or gathering virtually over Zoom), use this time to assess if your parents health is holding up. Especially amid the pandemic, other opportunities to assess their health are limited. Here are some signs of declining health to watch for:

  • Memory lapses that happen often
  • Constantly misplacing items
  • Bruises or wounds that would indicate a fall or trouble walking
  • Trouble getting from seated to standing positions and vice versa
  • Look for scratches or dents on their vehicle(s) which could indicate an inability to drive

If you have made an assessment that your aging parents could use some assistance, or looking after, the next steps is deciding if a PERS device is right for them.

Can a PERS Device Help?

A PERS device stands for personal emergency response system. PERS is evolving and the technology is getting smaller, better, and less intrusive.

PERS provides adult parents the ability to have someone on standby — just in case. It is far less intrusive than having a caregiver, or having their children checking in on them constantly. Keep in mind that a PERS device is great for a loved one who is still able to be independent — not just an aging parent that is completely losing the ability to care of oneself.

PERS Dealers

We invite all PERS dealers to visit Freeus for more insight on some of the best PERS technology available in the industry. Also, please feel free to share this information with your customers so they can assess if a PERS device is right for their aging parents or grandparents.

All December we’ll be bringing you some valuable tips and information on assessing the health of aging loved ones throughout the holiday season. As we move through the season, each of these articles will be made available through our website’s resource center, along with any important product updates or announcements for you through our dealer portal.

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