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ISC West 2020: What To Expect

Feb 4, 2020 8:00:00 AM

* ISC West has been rescheduled for July 20 - 22. 

ISC West is the largest event in the security industry. Security professionals far and wide attend the event that features over 30,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibits every year. 

Let's take a look at some of the tech we expect to see at ISC West 2020. 



Fingerprint Door Locks

kwikset fingerprint lockCES likely provided some helpful clues as to what we plan on seeing at ISC West 2020. Door locks with added security beyond video were part of the craze at CES 2020.

One is the Kwikset Fingerprint Lock. While we've seen fingerprint readers on laptops and phones for years, where the Kwikset Fingerprint Lock differs from other finger scanning tech is the Kwikset allows you to store up to 100 fingerprints or up to 50 users.

Other companies such as Lockly are also producing some of the smartest and most technologically advanced smart locks. We plan on seeing many smart lock options at ISC West 2020.

Smart Water Iot Systems

Aquifer Refine Smart Water System

IoT is being introduced into essentially every faucet of our life (pun-intended). IoT devices like the Aquifer Refine and the Smart Water Valve+Meter system can be a savior when it comes to more than just your monthly water bill.

The Aquifer Refine can detect metals in your water and alert you through your phone via WiFi. These systems can also detect compromised piping and alert you before a potential damaging leak or pipe break happens. We expect to see more IoT devices such as this that give people more control over their household than ever before.

The End of 3G


As 5G is coming closer and closer to being the new reality, 3G will finally be put to rest. An upgrade in speed and bandwidth! Sounds like a great thing for everyone, right?

As 3G rescinds from technology relevance, it brings with it a huge adjustment for security dealers. The shift from 3G to 5G ultimately means much of the existing equipment to subscribers will become obsolete and need to be replaced. We anticipate many discussions during ISC West on how to tackle such an adjustment in a way that benefits both the customer and the dealer.

Cyber Security

cyber security

Did you feel like you read about a cyber security breach every other week in 2019? Cyber attacks are happening everywhere, and the threshold is expanding beyond companies and corporations as cyber criminals are now attacking entire cities.

Cyber security has never been a bigger priority for businesses than it is now. ISC West will certainly hold discussions on how companies can protect themselves from potential threats. 



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