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AG Honored at 2023 Electronic Security Expo

Jun 7, 2023 2:59:23 PM

AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, is the proud recipient of multiple distinguished awards of recognition from the Electronic Security Association (ESA).

The Electronic Security Association’s 2023 Expo (ESX) is in the books as another successful event for the security industry. AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, was honored to receive two prestigious ESX  Innovation Awards; 1) the Becklar Engage Platform, and 2) the AG Mobile App (Technician App).  AG was also honored as a thought leader with our corporate leadership team being invited to present in six ESX event sessions. 


Innovation Award #1 – The Becklar Engage Platform

AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, has leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), in tandem with our highly skilled operators, to ensure we provide the fastest emergency response times in the monitoring industry – an average emergency signal response time of 9.4 seconds.

The patented Becklar Engage Platform earned a 2023 Innovation Award at ESX for utilizing a premium interactive voice assistant and natural language processing technology to ask questions and interpret responses to help expedite customer engagement. After a significant investment in time and dollars, our new technology is used to determine caller intent for multiple scenarios such as emergencies, false alarms, device or system testing, and more, with extreme accuracy.

Here's how it works. All calls are answered immediately by the customer engagement platform – there is no waiting in a call queue. Through voice recognition technology, it quickly identifies if a signal is urgent. If so, it is immediately routed to one of our skilled operators. As a result, emergency call response times have been cut in half.

On average, 70% of incoming signals are either false alarms or non-urgent scenarios. These calls are quickly and easily handled and resolved by the engagement platform without needing to involve a live operator. This frees up our operators to focus on the high-priority, emergency calls. The platform is not used to replace our operators – far from it! It is used to assist our operators by ensuring that urgent calls are immediately relayed to one of our experienced, caring professionals.

The Becklar Engage Platform has successfully processed well over 2 million inbound live calls on hundreds of thousands of devices with exceptional results.

Innovation Award #2 – The AG Mobile App (Technician App)

The AG Mobile App, often referred to as our 'technician app' earned its second consecutive 'Innovation Award' at ESX this year. The AG Mobile App has provided dealers with a convenient, mobile account testing and account management solution for the last three years. Based on feedback from our dealer partners, we recently launched a new release of the mobile app to be even more powerful, and customizable to a dealer’s unique needs.

The AG Mobile App was created to empower dealers to test accounts from the convenience of their mobile phone. No more calling the monitoring center to put accounts on test. Technicians are able to use their mobile phone to customize their account testing defaults like test type, and test duration, and individually select specific zones if they want. The app also enables dealers to customize how they view their accounts, again from the convenience of their phone. For example, they can customize account views scanning by zones, area, or device type. And they can see the data in real-time.

The new mobile app release includes valuable upgrades such as the ability to use their mobile device to modify account information such as addresses, time zone, code words, duress codes, contacts, and phone information. The upgrade also lets dealers and technicians add contacts and change the order of contacts on accounts. Additionally, we have made it easier to get to a contact's phone number without having to drill down multiple levels in the app - it's now on the contacts screen with easy-click access to call functionality to save dealers precious time.

Additional Honors

In addition to the Innovation Awards received at ESX, AvantGuard leadership was honored to be invited to present as thought leaders in six different sessions at the conference.

  1. OpenXchange Breakfast: Tuesday morning, Tyler Tribe, Becklar CTO, was invited to share the main stage with Elizabeth Parks of Parks Associates and Bart Proctor of Pye-Barker to kick off the show, to discuss emerging technologies and how it will affect the industry going forward.
  2. TechVision Challenge: Bret Anderson, Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast, was invited to present information about the Becklar Engage Platform and how it has expedited our emergency response times and improved end-user outcomes.
  3. Educational Session – The Expanding Case for PERS: Troy Iverson, Senior VP of Sales for AG, was invited to participate in a panel discussion on PERS/mPERS opportunities and the growth potential for the lone worker market.
  4. Educational Session – Next Gen Tech that Reduces False Alarm Dispatches and Attrition – Matthew Brandon, Director of Sales for AG, gave a presentation about how AvantGuard implements exclusive and patented solutions to reduce false alarm dispatches.
  5. ESA Central Interactive Training – Tyler Tribe, Becklar CTO, took the main stage in the exhibit hall to discuss new AI technologies such as ChatGPT and how it will impact business in the not-too-distant future.
  6. Monitoring Innovations – The Future is Here: Rich Watts, Becklar VP of Information Security, was invited to discuss the direction and future changes needed in the monitoring industry, along with new technologies that can help drive higher RMR.


As evident from the awards received and the opportunities to present on the industry’s hottest topics, ESX was a huge success for AvantGuard, a Becklar company.

AG is honored by the accolades received for the last three consecutive years from ESA. It is the result of continuous technology innovations centered around an unwavering dedication to serving our dealer partners and their customers.

We look forward to next year’s event.

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