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Hybrid Monitoring Can Be a Lifeline For Central Stations

May 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM

For smaller central stations, COVID-19 poses a huge challenge to remain operational. Smaller stations often are limited in staffing, especially when it comes to graveyard shifts, where maybe only two or three operators are servicing customers during the post midnight hours. All it takes is one operator to contract COVID-19 and the whole central station could be compromised. That’s where AvantGuard hybrid monitoring solutions can help.

How AvantGuard Keeps Central Stations Operational

Let’s say the nightmare scenario for a smaller central station comes to fruition — an operator contracts COVID-19, but they are not prepared to work from home. This potentially creates a handful of fissures in the structural pyramid for the central station. The central station can’t ask employees who are COVID-19 positive to continue to come into the office, but without operators, customers will be left unmonitored, which is a cardinal sin in the alarm monitoring company business.

In reality, if the central station was prepared with the AvantGuard operator hybrid solution, the central station could remain operational, while AvantGuard handles all of the staffing needs. What happens in the operator hybrid solution is that signals are rerouted for AvantGuard operators, so they can handle high priority signals, but if your central station is unable to handle any signal, custom operator hybrid solutions can take over 100% of the signals.


Redundancy is the golden ticket. With an operator hybrid solution, only our staffing becomes redundant. If you want to continue to retain full control of your central station, but want hybrid redundancy, AvantGuard provides a backup plan, and then some, for you.

Having redundancy keeps your customers covered no matter the circumstances, but if you want to keep your station operational, using the AvantGuard redundancy and automation hybrid solution is the way to go. With this solution, the central station can keep their own receivers while leveraging the advanced monitoring automation system and redundancy from AvantGuard. This alone can provide a significant boost in operator efficiency which in turn will raise customer satisfaction. From all the monitoring solutions that AvantGuard provides, this is the least cost effective one.

Cost Efficiency

Of course, all hybrid monitoring solutions are cost effective for primary central stations, but some solutions are more cost effective than others. The best solution is to be as cost effective as possible. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, outsourcing 100% to AvantGuard can save your company 30-50% operational costs. No longer will your company be burdened with staffing operators, but also keeping your technology updated, along with following all the protocols of UL and TMA. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to run a central station, but it doesn’t have to. When you outsource your alarm signal monitoring to AvantGuard, you gain a reliable third-party monitoring company with expert level knowledge and adherence to the regulations of TMA 5-Diamond Certification and UL requirements.

The reality is, many central stations are on the brink of a catastrophe with COVID-19. AvantGuard is here to help, whether that’s in the interim, or for long-term monitoring solutions. AvantGuard’s hybrid plans provide benefits no matter what your situation may be.

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