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How To Keep Your Alarm Monitoring Company Website Fresh

Aug 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Keeping your alarm monitoring company website fresh, updated and easy to navigate is key in drawing in new contacts for your business. Take it from us, we just won the SAMMY award for best website design — we know what we are talking about. We’re here to help you achieve equal success and hopefully freshen up your website so your company can reap the benefits. Here’s some tips to bring your website into the 2020s.

Updating Your Website

There are some dos and don’ts to updating your website, and plenty of other things to consider. And we understand that being a B2B business makes things a little more difficult, especially not making your whole website read like a giant advertisement for your business. We want you to promote yourself, but there are smart ways to do it.


There’s good and bad SEO.

  • Good SEO - Doing keyword research, creating a blog and providing customers with informative content that builds brand trust.
  • Bad SEO - Doing keyword research and stuffing every keyword you find into an article about your company (that reads like an ad).

“Keyword stuffing” is an old, and outdated SEO practice. In fact, Google will now degrade your website for jamming too many keywords into a blog post or webpage, especially if it doesn’t help the reader in any way. Here are some other SEO tips to help you do “good SEO,” and avoid the bad.

Make It Easy To Get In Contact With Your Business

Making it difficult for a potential customer to get in contact with you or someone in your business is a sure fire way to turn leads away. Have your contact information clearly displayed and easy to access.

It is also a good idea to set up a chat or chat bot to help guide customers without inundating your sales or service team with irrelevant messages. Of course, this means that there needs to be someone responding on the other end. Don’t set up a chat and never have it turned on or never respond. That will only send bad messages to potential customers.

Keep Things Updated

Looks don’t mean everything, but in the case of your website, they mean a lot. The general rule of thumb is that you want to redesign and freshen up your website about once every five years. Trends and design looks change and it doesn’t take too long for your website to begin looking outdated.

You also want to have your website looking clean. Not every patch of real estate on your webpage needs to be filled with words or images. Make it open, with plenty of white space, and flow naturally. This creates a far better user experience.

This also means making your menus clean and intuitive. Ask yourself, “is it easy to find out how to contact the company?” “Is it easy to find our services?” If it takes more than one or two clicks and a bunch of scrolling, then the answer is no, and you should consider cleaning up your menus.

Take It From Us

We’ve written a number of articles on helping companies with website building, SEO, and best online practices. We implement those practices daily, and we’ve been rewarded for it. Trust us, if you keep your website looking fresh and easy to navigate, business will come.

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