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Home Automation Serves Multiple Purposes During Pandemic

Sep 9, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Smart homes are doing more during this pandemic than ever. Not only does this present the perfect opportunity for you, the security dealer adding smart home devices to your inventory; it further helps with the global need for contactless entry, control, and sanitization.


We live in a world where remotes are carried in our pockets. Your smartphone exists not only for texts, or calls, but it can operate as a physical control for the majority of your house as well, eliminating the need to touch multiple systems or devices.

Jeremy McLerran, Qolsys Senior Director of Global Security & Smart Product Marketing explained, "having dealers telling us that they’re getting tremendous reactions from their customers saying that this is not only secure and convenient, but it’s also sanitary.”

Further, McLerran explains the usefulness of selling contactless devices. “Bluetooth touch-less disarming is one of our favorite features and one that our security dealers primarily are telling us closes their sale 20% more often than other platforms out there.”

Reducing Touch

By helping consumers in reducing their need to touch things around their home, this means there are less things to clean. With smart technology that exists now, you won’t have to have to wipe down the keypad on your smart door lock, your security touchpad, your thermostat, or your light switches and outlets.

Most devices provide the user with the ability to set up a specific home setting for specific times, all controlled by your geolocation.  Overall, smart technology provides a cleaner and safer future.

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