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Feature Spotlight: Caller ID Injection and Vanity Lines

May 27, 2021 10:30:00 AM

There are many features that AvantGuard offers you to make the service provided to your customers more streamlined and intuitive. A couple of those features are Caller ID Injection and Vanity Lines.

What is Caller ID Injection?

We are dedicated to creating a seamless experience for you and your customers. Caller ID Injection eliminates any confusion for your customers. 

When you tell a customer that your company supplies the equipment and monitors their service, they expect your company name to show up when the central station monitoring center responds to a signal. For example, if your company name is KingAlarms and a different name and number calls in response to an alarm signal, a customer is less likely to answer.

With Caller ID Injection, when AvantGuard calls, your company name and whatever phone number you chose will show up on their caller ID. We've found that customers are far more likely to answer the phone when the number calling is from one they're affiliated with. This creates an all-in-one service package for your customers under your company.

What is a Vanity Line?

This continues the continuity between customer, dealer and central station. A vanity line is a toll-free 800 number that you can provide your customer to call when they have a question about their monitoring services. When they call, we can identify the number and answer the inbound call as a representative of your company. This streamlines the connectivity and eliminates confusion for the customer. Instead of having two numbers and two different companies provide them their services, it’s one number and one company all under the same roof (for the customer). This also provides an additional benefit of a help line for your customers. And we're happy to provide this service to our dealers. That's part of our dedication to service.

Why Do We Offer These Features

To better serve our dealers and customers. These services are proven to provide better answer rates for your customers. Better answer rates means better service and safer customers. These services are just a few of the ways we continually work to strengthen our relationships with our dealers and their customers.

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