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Feature Spotlight: AG Chat

Mar 11, 2021 9:38:49 AM

Everybody in the security monitoring industry knows that false alarms verification and reduction is the crème de le crème of our industry. It’s what every monitoring center strives for as we all try to achieve zero percent false alarms. AvantGuard provides tools for dealers and customers to help achieve that goal. That’s where AG Chat comes in.

AG Chat

Research has shown that in a variety of different facets people prefer texting over answering the phone. Since texting is preferred over calls, it’s wise to have a system around something that makes it easier for your customers to verify an alarm.

AG Chat pulls a customer and their contacts into a secure chat group to verify or disregard an alarm. Not only does this make it more convenient for your customers to verify alarms, but it is also more accurate since the contact list is also pulled in to verify the alarm. That’s more eyes and ears on the alarm, which ultimately leads to a reduction in false alarms.

Why AG Chat Works

Let’s do the preverbal math: A system that makes it easier for customers to verify or disregard an alarm + more eyes and ears to help verify the alarm = less false alarm dispatches. So much so that since its release, we’ve seen about a 38% decline in false alarms from those who use the AG Chat system.

If you have been putting off getting set up with AG Chat, give our dealer support team a call at (866) 880–9591. They can answer any questions you may have, and get you started right away! You could be the next dealer to see a 38% decrease in false alarms.

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