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Announcing AG’s 2023 ‘Run for a Reason’ Fundraiser

Aug 8, 2023 3:54:09 PM

It’s time for AvantGuard’s annual “Run for a Reason” 5K events to be held this September in Ogden, Utah, Rexburg, Idaho, and Cedar City, Utah. We are raising funds for local families who are struggling financially due to significant medical expenses. Businesses sponsor the events, and employees, family members and friends in each community run and donate to the cause.

Giving back to the community is a significant priority at AvantGuard, a Becklar company. We feel the same sense of commitment and responsibility to serving our local communities as we do to our employees, dealers, partners, and subscribers spread across North America.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of many sponsors and participants, AvantGuard and the AG Cares Foundation raised nearly $60,000 for the sponsored families. We invite you to participate in this year’s “Run for a Reason.” Join us at one of the 5Ks, or make a generous donation to the cause. Together, we can make an impactful difference for each family through these exciting events.

Learn more about each of the three sponsored children and their families, and how you can make a difference in their lives.

2023 Run for a Reason Events  

Ogden, Utah 
Scarlett Elder is one of the sweetest little girls you’ll ever meet. Scarlett has chromosome 9p deletion. This disorder is rare and was only first discovered in 2008. It causes differences in appearance and delays in motor skill, speech, and learning function. Since birth, she has had one corrective skull surgery and one abdominal corrective surgery.  

We invite our local dealer partners to participate in AG’s 5K for Scarlett. If you can’t make the event, a donation to Scarlett’s family not only helps with their medical bills but would be instrumental in learning how to treat the disorder. 

To register or donate, visit the link here:  

Rexburg, Idaho 
Jack Patteson was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Complex 2 Deficiency when he was 14 months old. This rare disease causes the cells in his body to not produce enough energy. This deficiency causes health issues such as epilepsy, regular metabolic strokes, and significant developmental delays. Despite Jack’s health, he has one of the most joyous personalities.  

Through your participation in the Rexburg 5K event or donation, together, we can help the Patterson family with their medical expenses and treatment. You can easily donate to the family by clicking on the following link: 

Cedar City, Utah 
Caden Simpson, a fun-loving 7-year-old from Cedar City, Utah, has two rare types of cancer; Hepatocellular (HCC) and Malignant Neoplasm. Caden has been through so much already. Having undergone several surgeries, ultrasounds, blood transfusions and even a liver transplant, he is still expected to have more operations and procedures. Caden remains positive and keeps his funny and compassionate personality through it all.  

We invite you to donate to the Simpson family, where 100% of your donations will go towards Caden’s medical expenses, by clicking here:  

General Donations 

For those who would like to give a general donation to the cause without choosing a specific family, simple visit and complete the form. All proceeds donated through this page will be split between the three sponsored families.  

Giving Back – Part of Our Mission

AvantGuard is always looking for ways to give back and build deeper, more meaningful connections in our call center communities. We have put down roots where we can accomplish our mission - to save lives, protect property, and inspire peace of mind for people everywhere. 

The funds raised through your generous donations will help to eliminate some of the financial burden for each of these families. Together we can make a meaningful difference in our local communities and in the lives of those we serve.  
Thanks in advance to each of you who willingly donate to this noble cause.

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