Resource Center Earns MVP Award At ISC West 2019

Alex Flitton
Apr 17, 2019 8:05:00 AM

AvantGuard’s integrated partner earned the MVP award at ISC West 2019 for its new Sensor Walk Test feature. The feature enables technicians to “initiate, perform, and verify the results of a sensor walk test” without the assistance of a central station operator.

The Purpose Of the Sensor Walk Test Feature

The feature was designed to alleviate the bottleneck experienced by operators and technicians alike. In its news release, writes, “By removing this bottleneck, Sensor Walk Test enables technicians to spend less time onsite, perform more installations without compromising reliability, and create a better overall customer experience by reducing installation time.”

Integration Between And AvantGuard

AvantGuard is proud to support the new feature, which requires a new central station integration with central stations. The new feature will not be supported by all central stations, and non-AvantGuard dealers who are interested in the feature should consult on its availability.

AvantGuard proudly supports all of the available features and integrations provided by such as:


  • Cancel/Verify
  • Crash & Smash
  • In-App Panel Panic
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Sensor Walk Test


  • Two-Way Voice From the Panel
  • Video/Visual Verification
  • Account Information updates
  • Emergency Contact Management
  • Manage System Test Mode
  • Zone sync

In addition, AvantGuard offers it alongside its new AG App, an alternative to managing accounts and placing systems on test. The AG App was designed specifically to simplify account management processes, and enable more services provided by AvantGuard’s integrated partners and its central station.

The app “MobileTech” was specifically created for accounts, and dealers who specialize in installing systems will enjoy the new feature.

A Demonstration Of Excellence

The Award, presented by Security Sales and Integration (SSI), is a strong demonstration of the feature’s capabilities and level of reliability. Beating hundreds of exhibitors, further established itself as a premier provider of security and smart home technology.

Dan Kerzner, Chief Product Officer at said, "We're honored that this aspect of our continuous work to build value for service providers has been recognized with an MVP Award. Our track record of solving long standing challenges through innovation applies as much to our partner tools as it does to our home and business security solutions. Sensor Walk Test exemplifies our commitment to helping our partners more efficiently deliver exceptional smart home and business experiences."

Interested in learning more about the New Feature, or the AvantGuard App? Speak with a monitoring specialist today:

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