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AG Onsite: Axis Communications

Mandee Thomas
Oct 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

In this AG Onsite visit, Don Mannion from Axis Communications introduces AXIS Companion video cameras, including the bullet and dome styles.


Mandee: Hi this is Mandee from AvantGuard, and today, we are going to be talking to Don Mannion from Axis Communications about their new security cameras, the AXIS Companion Bullet LE, and the AXIS Companion Dome V.

Don has been with Axis for more than ten years, and is a product specialist for hosted video platforms.

So Don, tell us about the cameras that you brought today.

Don: As you said, they're part of our AXIS Companion products and they were designed really for the installer who is focused on a business type application because of the cost effectiveness of them. Both gear to our AXIS Companion software but also our AXIS Guardian hosted solution platform. Because of the cost, it's more attractive for the hosted applications and the "do it yourself" installers as well. So being that cost effective it helps in the industry because obviously money is always a big topic when they're looking at any kind of solution.

But what makes them more attractive is the fact that they are easy to install. Simply power them up with the category cable and press the control button for 10 seconds and you've got yourself a security solution. So that's what really they were designed for.

Mandee: How are these cameras different from others that are on the market?

Don: The big thing is they are focused on Axis' solutions for both AXIS Companion software as well as the hosted platform. They're very niche products, so they will not work with anything else, but because of that, they're also cost effective. Reducing the cost of installation for the dealer but also the end user. The other big piece of the puzzle is simplicity of installation. Power 'em up, press the button and you're done.

Mandee: Why do you think dealers would like these better than other cameras?

Don: Simplicity. As you can see, there are pretty small, easy products. You simply have two screws and you're mounting him you're pointing them towards the area of interest, and simply pressing the button. When it comes down to it, being in that world of running cabling, time is money, and if you can save money and time, that means you can put that time and money into another job. So that's probably the two things that are going to be attractive to them.

These cameras were designed really for all applications. They weren't designed specifically just for business or residential. They were designed for a cost effective solution both for residential and business.

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