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ADT Donates Meals and Millions

Jun 29, 2020 9:30:00 AM

AvantGuard gives back to its employees and community through its AG Cares Foundation and by hosting a number of events like the annual 5K Run For a Reason. AvantGuard recognizes the importance of giving back, and also recognizes when others give back to their communities. For instance,  in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, ADT has donated 5,000 meals to hospitals in big cities across the nation.

Attitude of Gratitude

In an expression of gratitude to healthcare professionals everywhere, ADT is pledging to donate 1,000 meals to five major U.S. hospitals located in Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa. These meals are to be prepared by local restaurants when possible, and are to be dispersed by the end of the month.

Small, local teams of ADT employees are dedicating time to determine which charities to support. These choices have ranged from food banks or homeless populations to first responder organizations and other organizations that serve those in need.

Setting the Standard

“All of us at ADT are immensely grateful to our hometown heroes on the front lines who are selflessly continuing to serve their communities while facing the unique challenges of a COVID-19 environment,” said Jim Devries, President and CEO of ADT. “Through our giving, we are supporting local organizations who share our passion and commitment to create safer neighborhoods, improve lives and help make the world a better place.”

AvantGuard recognizes even when competitors do good for the community. The only way we are going to get through these uncertain times is to help one another out. Good begets good, we can all agree on that.

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