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19 Quick Excel Tips For Your Alarm Monitoring Company

Aug 26, 2020 7:45:00 AM

Excel is an incredibly powerful tool, that is, if you know how to use it. Tasks in Excel can turn a job that should only take a couple minutes into one that can take several hours if you don’t know your shortcuts. That’s why we’ve curated a handful of helpful Excel shortcuts that hopefully can help you get around inside of Excel more efficiently and effectively.


1. Extend the selection of cells to the last nonblank cell in the same column or row.
Command: CTRL + Shift + Arrow Key

2. Quickly apply a filter to a table or range.
Command: CTRL + Shift + L

3. Using the Format Painter to quickly copy formatting.
Command: Paintbrush Icon

4. Display the GoTo Box.
Command: CTRL + G

5. Hiding worksheets you don’t want visible in your workbook.
Command: Right Click +H on sheet

6. Navigate, calculate, format, delete, move, copy, etc., in all sheets selected.
Command: Hold CTRL (or Shift) and click on sheets you want in selection

7. Align/Format charts at once.
Command: Select charts while holding CTRL

8. Select an entire column of current cell highlighted.
Command: CTRL + Space

9. Select entire row of current cell highlighted.
Command: SHFT + Space

10. Select the entire range of current cell.
Command: CTRL + Shift + Space

11. Mass selection of rows within a range.
Command: Select row number then CTRL + Shift + arrow (up or down) or CTRL + Arrow (up or down) will do single rows at a time

12. Right-click shortcuts:
Command: Insert (I), Delete (D), Clear (N), Cut (T), Copy (C)

13. Reverting to original cell input without modifying your formulas.
Command: Escape

14. Quickly undo a mistake.
Command: CTRL + Z

15. To copy and/or move sheets within the current workbook.
Command: Right-click on sheet and select/move or copy

16. Navigate through the sheets in your workbook quickly.
Command: CTRL + PageUp (or down)

17. Switch to the next tab in the dialog box.
Command: CTRL + Tab

18. Paste Special is your friend.
Command: Right click > Paste Special / CTRL + V

19. Set Print Screen. If you don’t set the print parameters you’ll print all 20,000 rows and columns of the worksheet.
Command: Highlight Range > Page Layout > Set Print Area

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