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The Future Of Central Station Monitoring Technology

Alex Flitton
Jul 11, 2018 8:05:00 AM

AvantGuard president, Justin Bailey, spoke at ESX on June 20, 2018 about the future of central station monitoring technology. His presentation focused on the use of SMS technology in alarm event management. Bailey shared the stage with ItsPayd CEO, Ken Green and Vivint’s director of central station technology.

Making SMS A Priority

Bailey said, “Nearly every person on the planet owns a cell phone, yet it surprises me that businesses, and monitoring centers specifically, continue trying to call people when the data demonstrates that they won’t answer.”

Bailey’s presentation demonstrates that text message technology is easy to implement, differentiates companies who use it and puts them on a level playing field with today’s “experience-seeking customer.”

Texting As A Business Communication Strategy

Bailey also demonstrated that 95 percent of text messages are read within three minutes, further validating its implementation in the monitoring sphere.

He says, “if its ability to connect businesses with consumers isn’t convincing enough, then maybe the fact that all major competitors are using it will. It’s an incredibly simple way to keep up with bigger companies but can be very detrimental if a company doesn’t adopt it soon enough.”

Prepare For The Future

Regardless of how millenials are perceived, Bailey demonstrated that they are becoming the models for future business decisions. And meeting them where they are is essential to continued success.

“Perhaps what is most important to remember from this presentation,” says bailey, “is consumers want to do business with you because you meet their preferences.”

He continued to demonstrate that the consumer base already consists in great part of millennial-aged people.

Consumer Trends From A Distance

“If anything,” Bailey said, “I want to make sure businesses are making decisions based on data and analytics rather than their own gut feelings, because the truth is in the numbers. Effective business leaders simply have to develop the skills to determine what the numbers mean and how best to apply them to outperform the competition.”

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