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AvantGuard Executives Present at ESX 2019

Mandee Thomas
Jun 17, 2019 9:20:53 AM

ESX 2019 took place just a couple weeks ago, and AvantGuard was pleased to have two members of our executive team attend the event in Indianapolis as presenters. Vice President of Human Resources, Rich Slater, and Vice President of Information Technology, Rich Watts, both shared their wealth of industry knowledge in three separate educational sessions.

Listening to Employees

Alongside Dee Ann Harn, CEO of RFI Enterprise, Rich Slater gave a presentation titled “Shhh…How Listening to Employees Can Have a MAJOR Impact on Customer Retention.”

In this seminar, Slater focused on the necessity of employee engagement in retaining customers and overall business success. Some of the key points he covered were:

  • Understanding the relationship between employees and customers through attentive listening
  • How employee feedback can reveal service gaps that customer feedback might not
  • The link between customer retention and employee engagement
  • How keeping employees happy can drive greater profitability

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn more about this topic.

Hiring from Outside the Monitoring Industry

Slater also gave a seminar focused around hiring practices titled “Hiring from Outside the Monitoring Industry: Surprising Resources for Great Operators.”

In this presentation, Slater stressed the importance of hiring the right people amidst a competitive workforce. Some of the topics he highlighted were:

  • Uncovering hidden roadblocks that interfere with hiring practices
  • How to track reasons for turnover and knowing when to make changes
  • Onboarding and recruiting practices that specifically benefit monitoring centers and set new operators up to succeed

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn more about this topic.

Consumer Privacy & Data Risk

Rich Watts, alongside Salvatore D’Agostino, co-founder of OpenConsent, presented at ESX 2019; conducting a session titled “Beyond Physical Security: What You Need to Know in Consumer Privacy & Data Risk.”

In this presentation, Watts noted the importance of knowing and following data/security rules and regulations. Some of the key points he included were:

  • An overview of privacy issues pertinent to the security industry
  • “Reasonable and appropriate” data security according to the Federal Trade Commission, along with a program designed with personal information protection in mind
  • What compliance issues many websites are facing
  • Understanding telemarketing, texting, and email regulations as it relates to marketing

Watts reflects, "I had a wonderful time meeting with such a wide variety of talented people at this year's ESX." He continues, "After presenting and participating on panels with some impressive industry leaders I came home energized and excited by the discussion about current challenges and future opportunities in our industry."

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn more about this topic.

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