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AG Heroes | A Late-Night Attack

Apr 26, 2018 2:54:09 PM

Maxton, NC– Getting stabbed multiple times was the last thing on Lawrence Caples’ agenda. Yet that’s what happened to him late one Saturday night.

Police found Caple bleeding outside his home at 12:30 am, fading in and out of consciousness.

A disabled veteran, Caple told deputies that he shot Joshua Dante Collins, 31 in the altercation.

After the altercation, Caple exited the home, however, he did not have his cell phone to call for help. Fortunately, Caple had his Belle device and connected with an AvantGuard operator.

“I need help,” Caple said in his fading voice. “I need help.”

Joseph, the operator who answered the call said, “Help is on the way, Lawrence. I’ll stay on the line ‘till they get there.”

For ten minutes, Joseph stayed on the line, offering regular reminders that help was on the way and that Lawrence would be okay.

“I was worried about him,” said Joseph. “He sounded really weak and I wasn’t sure what was wrong with him since he couldn’t say much.” He continues, “I’m just glad the EMTs got there in time to help him.

Since the incident, Caple has made a full recovery, thanks to the speedy arrival of medical help and his Belle device.


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