Utah and Idaho in the map

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers has invested heavily to accomplish 100% redundancy between our two UL Listed, state-of-the-art central station facilities located in Ogden, UT and Rexburg, ID. This 100% redundancy includes facilities, data, receivers, and telephones. AvantGuard Monitoring Center's two redundant facilities are linked together with redundant wide area paths using MPLS and site to site virtual private network technologies. Learn more…


  • Mirrored Data Bases

    AvantGuard's account data base is mirrored in real time over redundant servers in two different states.

  • UL Listed Central Stations

    AvantGuard operates mirrored redundant Surgard System III receivers at both of our UL listed central stations to ensure that receiver lines can be automatically transferred to either central station facility.

  • Stages Automation Software

    AvantGuard uses Stages automation software by Secure Global Solutions that offers 5-way hot server redundancy, allowing us to mirror data in real time over servers located in two different states.

  • Redundant Paths

    AvantGuard Toll-Free Reroute uses multiple redundant paths provided by multiple sources to reach both central station facilities. This allows AvantGuard the ability to immediately redirect voice or alarm traffic to the central station facilities.