Web Access for Security Providers

For a Stages Web Access demonstration please contact our Dealer Care Department at 866-880-9591.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this service and/or help you get started with setting it up.

Private Label Web Access

Stages Web Access allows our dealers to generate and print customized reports and keep track of every aspect of their business. Dealers can access their accounts through the internet anytime, anywhere.

Accessible Logs

As a dealer, you can view, change, see event history and put accounts on test without having to call the central station.

Easier Account Management

Accessible logs makes it easy for you to control and maintain your accounts anytime and anywhere, and is a part of our commitment to helping you run your alarm monitoring business as smoothly as possible.


The flexibility of this feature allows you to complete other important aspects of your job in a timely fashion because you won’t need to work around specific office hours or call several departments to manage your accounts.

Customizable Web Access

To simplify the process of tracking services for your subscribers as well, we can also customize a Stages Web Access portal that is exclusively for the use of your business and its customers.

Easy Account Access

You can then link to this portal directly from your website to provide easier account access for your clients from a single online source.

Make Clients Happy

Your clients will appreciate having important information about their accounts readily available, and you will be able to take comfort in knowing that they are well informed of the services they are provided with and how they work.