Moving your accounts to AG Monitoring

Do you have existing accounts that need to be moved from another Central Station? We can Help! To transfer your accounts contact our Sales Department today at 800-950-3354.

Ready to Switch Providers?

Unhappy with your current central station service?

If you’re looking to end the cycle of bad service you have been enduring with your current alarm monitoring company and want to find to find a reliable solution for your monitoring needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Feel like you’re getting ‘nickel and dimed’ at your current central station?

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in customer service, and will be happy to help you find your way out of the current monitoring situation you’re in.

Worried about moving accounts to another provider?

Our Information Technologies Department offers the assistance of experts in large and small conversions to make your switch as simple as possible.

Nervous about account interruption if you move accounts?

We have converted many accounts from other central stations to ours in a short amount of time and with no interruption.

Do you own the toll-free numbers associated with your accounts?

AvantGuard is here to help you move your accounts quickly and easily for the last time. We are experienced in successfully switching clients from the services of another provider to ours in a fast and simple process.

Never worry about moving accounts again!

Once you’ve made the switch, you and your subscribers will enjoy a wide variety of services, completely reliable and advanced alarm systems, and the best customer service available.