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GPS Monitoring

Monitoring a subscriber’s GPS location is critical when an emergency arises. Whether the location is tracked by a crash detection or PERS device, we take great pride in being able to get emergency services on scene effectively and efficiently. Our current monitoring infrastructure leverages several different locating technologies to accurately pinpoint subscribers in need.

In a nutshell, we utilize GPS–which is a free service–to locate devices outside of cellular and WiFi range. This is the best locating technology available to people in rural areas because of the global access to satellites. Multiple satellites are able to connect to a device in order to triangulate their position.

Since there are more than 30 satellites supporting GPS technology, connecting isn’t hard to do. When cellular and Wifi locating technologies are unavailable, because of heavy cloud cover, or when located inside a building, Cellular networks and WiFi access points step in.


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Location Monitoring Using Cellular Networks

Cellular and Wifi networks are essential to locating today’s PERS and crash detection devices because of how the technology is able to track users where GPS cannot. While GPS cannot effectively track users inside of buildings, busy cities or under cloudy skies, cellular and wifi networks can. In fact, the more dense the number of network access points are, the more accurate the locating capabilities become.

GPS And Cellular

The true genius of today’s IoT devices is in how they leverage both GPS and cellular technologies to locate subscribers. They are complimenting technologies that help our operators send help exactly where it needs to go. As a leading wholesale alarm monitoring provider, AvantGuard has the best technology available to ensure we locate subscribers efficiently and effectively.

Wholesale GPS Monitoring

Wholesale GPS Monitoring can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Crash detection
  • Locate PERS devices
  • Utilize both GPS and cellular networks