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Vanity Line

Continuity in Monitoring


What is a Vanity Line? 

Continuity is important when it comes to monitoring. Vanity lines maintain that continuity from the customer, to the dealer to the central monitoring station. A vanity line is an 800 number that the dealer provides to the customer to call the central station. We can identify that number and answer the inbound call as the dealer. This eliminates any customer confusion and allows our operators to answer calls under the correct company name.


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Vanity Lines Create Clarity

AvantGuard provides clarity and continuity with its featured services. A vanity line is just another way to keep the relationship between customer, dealer and central station streamlined.

A vanity line provides:

  • AG operator support after hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Full hot redundancy with immediate failover
  • Add two-way voice, auto dial, and onsite back